LAS VEGAS, Jan. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The 51st International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held in Las Vegas on January 9, 2018, with the participation of the world’s top-notch consumer electronics vendors, IT core vendors,  and professional media. The artificial intelligence (hereinafter referred to as AI) industry was once again in the limelight. The big names of the industry, such as Huawei, Google, Samsung, Sony and Abilix, all brought along their latest achievements for show. Among them, Abilix, the global inventor of educational robots, has made a splash among business dealers, attendees and mass media due to its cutting-edge technology, outstanding product concept and vivid brand image.

portrait of Abilix Series

CES, a large-scale and influential consumer electronics annual exhibition, has been regarded as a wind vane of global consumer electronics industry. In recent years, progress in technology has remarkably accelerated the development of AI. A variant of AI, with history of 20 years, the educational robot has become one of the most sophisticated AI applications. Governments all over the world have increased investment and development in the AI industry. In particular, the educational robot has attracted extensive attention for being an optimal platform to nourish future talents in science and technology. 

The Abilix booth showcased this technology. Featuring a futuristic space capsule, various stylish educational robot products, and a brand-new perspective of “Today is Future”, the booth was a great sensation and aroused wide-spread attention. In connection with the exhibition’s concept, “AI + Education”, Abilix unveiled the new brick series, Robotics U, which ultimately won an accolade from attendant media and professionals.

Robotics U is a brand-new series catering to the US market. It features a six-sided building system particular to Abilix Brick Series Robot and is renowned for its giant mechanical creative space in a global scope. Preteens and teenagers can explore their creativity by building Balance Bots, Rescue Bots, and Scorpion Bots, as well as programming their robots to move around with the help of an app.

Robotics U promotes a self-determined learning style. The progress of a child’s building and playing with a robot is a process of learning and innovating, with the intent of improving the child’s creativity, analytical and practical aptitudes, construction knowledge and problem-solving skills, along with nourishing multi-intelligences and enhancing science literacy.

Mr Fei XuFeng, CEO of Abilix, a brand of Shanghai PartnerX Robotics Co., Ltd., said, “We are welcoming a new era, embracing a new atmosphere and holding fast to a new inspiration. Although Abilix entered the US market a decade ago, it mainly focused on marketing toward schools.Now, though, after taking the opportunity to present at CES, Abilix would like to begin shifting over to the consumer market and navigating our children to expand their imagination for an enormous future.”

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